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Our core products are :


Alcohol Prep Swabs

Biohazard Bags (Large)

Biohazard Bags (Medium)

Biohazard Bags (Small)

Cotton Gauze

Consumable Bundles for the Roche and Abbott Assays

Cryo Storage Freezer -85 deg C

Cryo Storage Racks

Cryo Storage Tubes and Vials

DBS Collection Cards

Deep Well Plates

Disposable lab coats

Drying Rack for DBS Card

EID Consumable Bundles

EID DBS Bundles

Filter Paper

Filter Pipette Tips

Filter Tips for Robotic Liquid Handling Systems

Level Sensing Tips for Robotic Liquid Handling Systems

MCT Micro Centrifuge Tubes

Multi-Channel Pipettors

PCR Tubes and Plates

Pasteur Transfer Pipette

Plain Tips for Robotic Liquid Handling Systems

Plastic Double Ziploc bags Non Gas Permeable

Plastic Single Ziploc bags

Point of Care Instrumentation

Powder less Latex Gloves

Powder less Nitrile Gloves

Reagent Reservoirs

Safety Lancets

Sarstedt Screw Cap Micro Storage Tubes

Sealing Mats & Foils for PCR Plates

Silica Desiccants

Single Channel Pipettors

Single Use DBS Collection Bundles

Sterile Surgical Gloves

Universal Pipette Tips

Viral Load DBS Collection Bundles

Waterproof Permanent Lab Marker